River Thames Floodgates

NIRAS Fraenkel were commissioned to design the floodgate at the entrance lock to Tilbury Docks
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Design and supervision of construction of movable floodgates at entrance locks to Tilbury and Royal Docks on the River Thames.  The floodgates are of innovative design comprising stiffened steel flaps carried by heavy braced steel box girders travelling on rollers or rails for launching over the dock entrances.  Once in position the frames are wedged against concrete buttresses on the sides of the entrance lock and the gates are lowered into the entrance to seat against anchored sill blocks on the floor of the lock.

Tilbury Docks Flood Defence Gate

The construction of the Thames Flood Defence Barrier at Silvertown necessitated the raising of all flood defences downstream of the barrier and the provision of floodgates at the entrances to enclosed docks and tributaries.  NIRAS Fraenkel were commissioned to design the floodgate at the entrance lock to Tilbury Docks, to prepare contract documents and to supervise construction of the project.

Extensive hydrodynamic studies were carried out leading to development of a top hinged flap gap problem.  The final design was for a stiffened single skin steel gate, hinged at its upper edge and stored at the lock side, horizontally within a support frame mounted on a system of rollers.  To bring the gate into use, the frame is moved across the lock and the gate lowered into position.  Operation can be fully automatic from a control cabin or alternatively by local manual switching.  In the event of an electric mains power failure, two independent diesel hydraulic standby power systems are provided and, should these fail, the gate itself may be lowered manually under its own weight.

King George V Lock Flood Defence Gate

This lock gives entry to the Royal Group of docks.  During construction of the Tilbury Docks Flood Defence Gate, the firm was appointed to design and supervise construction of a similar gate, together with 250m of concrete floodwall and associated buildings at the King George V Lock at Royal Docks.

Barking Creek Flood Barrier

The firm subsequently was awarded a commission for the Environment Agency to inspect an existing barrier at Barking Creek which had been designed by other consultants and then to carry out design modifications to improve the operation of the barrier.

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