Port of Salalah Long Wave Studies

Mitigation of the adverse effects of long waves at the container terminal in the port
Tags: Coastal Engineering, Ports and Harbours

PFP was responsible to the Port of Salalah for co-ordinating investigations by various other consultants and hydraulic laboratories into the occurrence and mitigation of the adverse effects of long waves at the container terminal in the port.  These are waves with periods of between 25 seconds and 120 seconds which are most pronounced during the Khareef (monsoon) which sets in at Salalah between June and September each year.  They cause container vessels to surge at their moorings and when they occur they can seriously downgrade the efficiency of container handling operations.

The primary aim of the studies was to derive layouts for future developments of the harbour in which long waves at container berths are noticeably less troublesome than at present.  This involved wave measurements over Khareef periods, analysis of the measurements, desk studies and mathematical modelling of wave effects.  It was determined that the direction of the long waves is predominantly from landward from the long, straight beach to the east of Salalah and the main requirement for future development would be to construct a new north breakwater which would be impermeable to long waves.

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