Offshore Stuctures

Analysis and design of offshore oil and gas platforms and design of major modification to existing platforms. Special investigations for dynamic effects, blast loadings and scour during modification work.
Tags: Offshore Engineering

Peter Fraenkel Maritime provide consulting engineering services to operators and contractors on offshore oil and gas installations in the North Sea and other offshore areas.  Services include detailed analysis and design of platforms and major modifications to them, decommissioning and general project management.  Recent projects on the BP Magnus platform and the ConocoPhillips Viking platform are described below.

BP Magnus Additional Slots

The project was to provide an additional 8 conductor slots on the east side of the platform and was implemented in summer 2005.  Modifications to the working platform included the drilling rig base, deck structures and cantilevers, piping, electrical and instrumentation and the installation of guide frames at five sub-sea levels.  PFM were employed by the Magnus Partnership (BP, ENI, Nippon Oil, Shell) to give project direction and critique.

ConocoPhillips Viking AR Jacket

PFM were commissioned to reanalyse the existing platform for additional scour effects expected to arise when 5.3m deep trenches are excavated around flowlines at the base of the platform.  This involved setting up a structural model of the jacket and its supporting piles from existing drawings and documentation.  The jacket structure was then analysed for existing scour conditions and for the additional scour resulting from the excavations.  A detailed report was prepared on the changes in jacket member and pile stresses to be expected.

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