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NIRAS Fraenkel Ltd carried out an independent review for Fremantle Ports
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NIRAS Fraenkel Ltd carried out an independent review for Fremantle Ports of long term development plans for container and general cargo facilities in a new outer harbour at Fremantle. This is to be located in the Cockburn Sound about 15 km south of the existing harbour. Studies carried out by the port authority had indicated that island port options would probably be most appropriate for the development because there are a number of existing marine facilities along the shores of the Sound. An important issue was how the outer harbour could be integrated with the current marine operations. The review was carried out prior to final recommendations for the development being submitted to the Western Australia government for approval and NFL’s brief was essentially as follows:

  • To assess whether the studies and their findings were sufficiently rigorous
  • To identify any issues which had not been addressed which could compromise the project
  • To identify any further studies which should be undertaken to optimise the preferred option
  • To identify other studies which should be undertaken in advance of detailed design.

The review process consisted of a visit to the sites of the options with detailed discussions with the port’s development team and their consultants. All relevant previous studies were examined in detail with regard to engineering, planning, operational, environmental and social issues. Comparisons were made with procedures for similar developments elsewhere in Australia and worldwide. Particular consideration was given to engineering feasibility, water circulation, adjacent beach quality, potential long wave activity, marine risk and operational requirements in the terminals.

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