New coastal protection solution in Gambia

An attempt to protect the Senegambia Beach Hotel against acute erosion, using sandbags, until NIRAS’ coastal protection can be constructed.

Published: 19-01-2015

NIRAS to develop a new coastal protection solution to stop the progress of the erosion in Gambia

The Gambia’s low-lying coastal areas are particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts, including sea level rise, increased saline intrusion and flooding during torrential rains.

Coastal erosion on parts of the Atlantic coastline is a serious problem that will be exacerbated by sea level rise. In some areas, the beach has been retreating at a rate of 1-4 m per year, threatening tourism infrastructure and associated livelihoods.

NIRAS has won a new project under United Nations Delveopment Programme, which aims to develop a new coastal protection solution to stop the progress of the erosion on two very different site conditions at Kololi Beach and Tanji Bridge near the capital Banjul.

With over 25years experience in the country and numerous assignments in port, coastal protection and water sectors, NIRAS is well acquainted with the local conditions and technical challenges.

A challenging project

It will be a technically challenging project. The long and powerful swell waves are giving rise to large littoral sand drift along the coast. This was demonstrated in 2003, where a beach nourishment of 1 mill. m3 of sand was completely eroded and moved away in two years by the waves.

“Within our scope, we will look at solutions focusing on reasonable volumes of sand filling combined and hard structure reducing the sand loss” says Jan Dietrich, project director in NIRAS.

In addition, the project has to be delivered in 16 weeks including survey time, interpretation and development of a sustainable solution.

A survey team in Banjul

NIRAS was able to reduce the programme to match the client’s request based on capabilities to retain all key aspects of the scope of services in-house.

A survey team travelled recently to the capital Banjul to undertake the bathymetric and topographical surveys, whilst the coastal protection specialists will be able to undertake their own surveys and start developing solutions.

All data and information is being processed and analysed back in the office without any third party uncertainties.


Preliminary design solution has been presented in Stakeholder workshop held on January 5th 2015. The valuable feedback received during the workshop are now used for the final design.

NIRAS has a long lasting experience in coastal protection in Egypt, Sri-Lanka and Denmark to name few.

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