The port of Kamsar in Guinea is expanding

Published: 28-07-2014

Guinea Alumina Corporation is building an extension of the Port of Kamsar for import of goods, materials and plant

The existing container terminal in Port of Kamsar in Guinea is being extended.

NIRAS Fraenkel – the subsidiary of NIRAS in the United Kingdom – is consulting engineer for the design. A design basis, tender design and a full detailed design have been prepared in three months to meet Guinea Alumina Corporations fast-track programme for the project.

Existing and new structure

The project has seen several interesting technical challenges.

“The exciting thing about the project is devising and detailing workable and buildable technical solutions for the connection system between the existing and new structure,” says Charles Magnan, Project Manager in NIRAS Fraenkel and continues:

“There is very little room for additional transverse raker piles to be added without interfering with the existing piles and this required very detailed analysis of forces on the structures and careful detailing of the pile groups. Two separate anchoring systems had to be used to join the new Port to the existing.”

Finished in three months

Guinea Alumina Corporations will use the new area for import of goods, materials and plant for the construction of a new bauxite export jetty located nearby and for unloading heavy equipment for an alumina refinery being constructed up country.

The project started in April with the completion of the tender design in May and the full detailed design was finished by the beginning of July 2014.

NIRAS Fraenkel has just been awarded the Project Management Consultancy to supervise the works for the duration of the construction.

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Charles MagnanPrincipal EngineerDorkingT: +44 1306 879797E: Send E-mail
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