Coastal & Offshore Engineering

Coastal & Offshore engineering

At NIRAS we are able to provide expertise throughout the project life cycle, and have extensive experience in providing a range of services relating to offshore engineering, including the latest developments in tidal current energy.

Key services include:

  • Structural analysis and design of new facilities
  • Design of retro-fitting systems
  • Appraisal of oil and gas storage schemes
  • Project management
  • Decommissioning of redundant facilities
  • Structural analysis
  • Re-appraisal of existing offshore structures

NIRAS were responsible for the design of a large diameter steel monopile support column and wing assembly on which two rotor blades are mounted for a 1.25MW tidal energy system operated by Marine Current Turbines (Siemens). The wing assembly supporting the blades can be raised out of the water to permit maintenance to be undertaken safely.

Coastal engineering embraces the application of the knowledge of the dynamics of winds, waves, tides, surges, currents and sediment movements to the design of infrastructure at or near the coastline. Computer models are available to deal with several of these aspects, but must be configured by those who have extensive relevant understanding, both theoretical and practical. A strong team of highly experienced engineers meet these requirements within our organisation.

Coastal engineering studies also play key parts in the layout of harbours and the design and selection of the appropriate forms of construction for berths and breakwaters within them.

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