Peterhead PortNFL Designed the new Smith Quay and breakwater extension
SIC Maintenance - Jetty 3Upgrading of Berthing Dolphins
Peterhead Breakwater

NFL designed the Inner Breakwater at Peterhead Port

Kamsar Container Terminal Phase 2

Construction and Site Supervision of NFL Designed Phase 3 is currently underway

Sullom Voe Oil TerminalDesign and maintenance of marine structures
Marine Current Turbines

Design for Monopile and Crossbeam of tidal turbines

Advanced Marine Survey

NFL can provide innovative marine asset survey & assessment.

"We are a leading name in port and marine engineering consultancy, with an excellent reputation for cost effective and innovative design"


NIRAS is a leading international port and maritime engineering consultancy.

With UK offices in Ascot, Glasgow, Cambridge, Liverpool & Manchester we have a long track record of marine civil engineering design. Our success is based on in-depth technical knowledge, extensive industry experience and a strong focus on client needs.

We offer cost effective and innovative design solution in providing for the needs of our clients in port developments of all kinds.

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